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The right roofing installation services, like the ones we provide from <link removed>, are critical to how long your waterproof roof is going to last. We know what you're thinking at this point and it's not a myth that most homeowners are trying to avoid: "Is my roof leaking?" The truth is that every single home in America has seen some sign of water infiltration over the years - whether it be water stains on ceilings or walls, moss growth around downspouts, cracks in brickwork, sagging deck surfaces, or an accumulation of moisture in attics. So don't worry if you haven't noticed any of these signs quite yet because they will appear eventually and you need to act quickly by hiring a local expert for assessing and repairing the leak. The most common causes of water penetration in roofs are soffit and fascia leaking, shingle and flashings damage, problems with chimneys or vents, ice dams that may form during winter months, damaged gutters or downspouts, worn out roof decking, improper installation by other contractors (e.g., improper venting), atmospheric pressure changes (especially around coastal areas with high mist count) - all can cause damage on your home's roof over time. Often these issues are not noticed until it is too late and so you need to be vigilant about inspecting your own property for any signs of moisture within ceiling structures at least once a year.

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Can you do it yourself? Sure, it's possible. But why would you want to? It's a huge project - Parts are heavy and awkward, supplies can be hard to find, the process is messy and time consuming. All of which require intensive labor and skill. Plus when you have finished there are still repairs left for your insurance company to handle. It's also a complex process with many factors from design to permits to financing and more that you are unlikely to be familiar with. The best approach is to hire a professional roofing company. Professional roofers have the equipment, supplies and skills required to design and build your new roof and remove any parts of your old one. They also take care of all the permits you need, making sure you are in compliance with local building codes. They can even do all of this while mowing their own lawns if they want! You may be tempted by initial savings but over time hiring a professional will save time and money for everyone involved.

Benefits Of Installing A New Roof

There are many different benefits that come with having a new roof installed on your home. When you install a new roof, it is going to do so much for the look of your house and also prevent any water from getting inside if there is ever an issue in the future. This will make sure that you don't have to worry about any leaks or other issues where there may be rain coming into your home. Installing a brand new roof can help save money as well as time in the long run because this is something that must be done every couple of years and it will cost a lot of money when you go out and hire someone else to do this work for you. There are a lot of different reasons to get your new roof installed, but here are some of the most important benefits you will see when a new roof is placed on top of your home. The main benefit that you will see from having a new roof installed on your house is that it protects the inside ceilings and floors from getting damaged by water which can cause cracks in your ceiling or mold to grow inside. This may sound simple, but many homeowners don't think about this often enough until they actually notice water coming through their ceiling one day because it has been raining outside for so long.

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Common Roof Installation Myths

If you have enough of the roof sheeting left, it is OK to just put a new top on. No! The common roof and the metal-flashing roof are completely different systems. Your old roof will be replaced by new building materials, therefore leaving no room for error in measurement or installation. Each part of your system has been designed and tested as a part of an entire system from start to finish. You would never consider putting replacement parts into an automobile that were not produced as a set, would you? Yet, many people think nothing of installing contractor's choice metal flashing with a tapered edge (often called "boat" metal) on more than half the house because there was some extra guttering left over. Almost always, this causes leaks and havoc with the common roofing system. We have seen this mistake on new homes, as well as old. Common roofing systems are very reliable and durable if installed correctly by a professional who knows what he is doing. Yes, they leak on occasion, just like everything else designed to keep out the elements of nature. The roofing industry has generally agreed that a 2% failure rate is acceptable for any type of roofing material or system. (The only other related building industry that I know of with such a high standard is the fire hydrant industry; it too accepts no more than 1 in 100 to fail.)


Here at Magic Homes, we think you should have a good idea of the cost before getting your roofing job done. We're dedicated to giving our customers an estimate up front so they know what their options are and can decide for themselves which company is best suited for them. Give us a call today or drop by

Why Get A New Roof?

When considering a new roof, the first question on your mind may be "What's wrong with mine?" It's likely that your existing roof looks fine from the ground. You may think it still does its job in protecting your home or business from the elements… and you might even be right. But how do you know? How often have you checked to make sure that everything is working properly? Think about whether there's any chance leaks could be damaging your ceilings, walls and flooring beneath - or making rooms too cold in winter, or hot in summer. A thorough test of all the materials that comprise your roof would take years to complete - but not as long as it would take to repair any damage after serious problems occur. A new roof actually provides several benefits beyond just waterproofing the building envelope. For example, it can: Add curb appeal Add value to your home or business Retard aging of facades and other exterior finishes Make it easier to clean the outside of your structure Help provide a more pleasant environment inside Reduce energy costs by insulating from extreme temperatures Long-term, extend the life of your building in today's roofs have a limited lifespan - usually somewhere in the 15-25 year range. As such, if you haven't had a new roof installed within the last 10 years, it's highly likely that there are many components that

Roof Installation Process

While installing a new roof, we ensure that your home stays dry, protected, and safe during the installation process. With years of experience in the roof installation process, we make sure that the roof installed is durable and long-lasting. Generally, we try and finish the installation process in a day but it may take longer if we spot any problems with the underlying roof structure. The process of installing a new roof is relatively simple and straightforward with us: We make the necessary repairs to the affected areas on your existing roof. We remove the old shingles, carefully saving them for any needed repairs or replacements. We install the new shingles until all visible areas are covered and finished. We clean up our work area when we're done to leave your property as if we'd never even been there in the first place. You inspect our work once we're complete to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the results - after all, we will be asking for your help in getting referrals! If you have any concerns, we offer solutions before leaving. Otherwise, simply enjoy your new roof!

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